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Jackie's Broccoli, Kale, Mushroom Miracle Noodle Surprise

Nutritional Analysis
  • Good Points
  • No cholesterol
  • High in calcium
  • Very high in dietary fiber
  • High in iron
  • Very high in thiamin
  • Very high in vitamin A
  • Very high in vitamin B6
  • Very high in vitamin C
Nutrition Facts
  • Serving Size 115 g
  • Amount Per Serving
    • Calories 86Calories from Fat 29
    • % Daily Value*
    • Total Fat 3.2g5%
    • Trans Fat 0.0g
    • Cholesterol 0mg0%
    • Sodium 361mg15%
    • Potassium 202mg6%
    • Total Carbohydrates 11.6g4%
    • Dietary Fiber 4.2g17%
    • Sugars 1.4g
    • Protein 4.3g
    • Vitamin A 24%Vitamin C 146%
    • Calcium 10%Iron 13%

* Based on a 2000 calorie diet.


  • 3 bags of Miracle Noodle Angel Hair
  • 1 bag Broccoli slaw
  • 1 bag Kale Salad minus the salad dressing package included
  • 1 cup fresh mushrooms
  • 1T chia seeds*
  • I chopped red bell pepper
  • Toasted pecans or walnuts.
  • 3 T of California Olive Oil/low sodium soy sauce


    1. Toss the broccoli slaw with the kale salad, add fresh mushroom and the chia seeds.
    2. Add the chopped red bell pepper.
    3. I toss in 1 bag of Broccoli Slaw with 1 bag of Kale Salad (minus the extra dressing package included), plus fresh mushrooms, 1 T Chia Seeds (to thicken),and 1 chopped red bell pepper.
    4. Toss in about 3 T of California Olive Oil (Mission - the mild yellow buttery one), low sodium soy sauce, and 3 bags of Miracle Noodle Angel Hair (the thin spaghetti ones)
    5. Top off with toasted pecans or walnuts at the end. Yum!
*MN Note:

Chia seeds are the richest plant source of omega-3 fatty acids known and contains natural antioxidants. The plant is a member of the mint family and originated in southern Mexico and Guatemala. (Wikipedia)

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