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Auto Delivery

Introducing Miracle Noodle Auto Delivery
With this exclusive program, you'll automatically save time, money, and calories! Your favorite noodles will conveniently be delivered straight to your door. (no need to remember to log on and place an order). It is perfect for people who have integrated Miracle Noodles into their nutritional plans. The question we always ask is how often can you eat pasta, noodles, and rice? How often would you eat them when they are completely guilt-free? :)
Program Overview
Miracle Noodle Auto Delivery is a service we developed for you, so that you'll never be left without your favorite healthy noodles. This program is designed to help you stay healthy and cut calories in the most convenient way! You tell us what noodles you want and how often you would like them shipped when you are checking out on Miraclenoodle.com, then we ship you your favorite noodles automatically. The best part is that with each Auto Delivery order you always receive 15% off and we send you an exclusive gift! Our easy-to-use customer interface allows you to make changes, postpone deliveries, or change intervals with the click of a button!
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