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Miracle Noodle Ambassadors enjoy the following benefits:

  • 15% off every Miracle Noodle purchase plus a free 6 pack of noodles per month you choose the variety.
  • Two free passes to Expo West in Anaheim, CA — it’s the largest natural foodshow in the world!
  • Receive free samples of our newest products before they’re even launched to the public!
  • A unique discount coupon code that you can share with family and friends!
  • Get invited to our annual Miracle Noodle party at our headquarters in beautiful Santa Monica, CA.
  • Ambassadors are highlighted in our e-newsletter which reaches over 70,000 subscribers. Get exposed to a large following! We can link to your website or social media profiles.

Miracle Noodle Ambassador Projects:

  • Minimum purchase of 20 bags within the last 3 months prior to applying
  • Must be passionate and knowledgeable about Miracle Noodle products
  • Contribute 2 projects per month (you choose what type of project)

Miracle Noodle Ambassador Requirements:

Writing: Can you eloquently describe how delicious and easy it is to make recipes with Miracle Noodles? Can you demonstrate how simple it is to eliminate thousands of calories and grams of carbs simply by replacing regular pasta meals with Miracle Noodles? Love to blog and influence people to live healthier lives?

If that’s you, you can be a Miracle Noodle Writing Ambassador! We may use your content for our blog, e-newsletter, social media posts and other marketing properties.

Get creative! You could write a history of shirataki pasta, create a Miracle Noodle haiku, interview people and edit their success story into an inspiring tale.

We love to share engaging, original content with our fans. Get published and spread the wonderful news about Miracle Noodle!

Requirements: 2 projects per month; Each entry must be a minimum of 350 words each.

Photography: Do you obsess over foodie photos? Can you take a photo of a bowl of Miracle Noodles with a veggie stir-fry, for example, that would make our audience drool and crave their next Miracle Noodle meal?

If you think you got what it takes to be the next Naomi Robinson (or other standout foodie photog you admire) we will share your work on our Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest profiles (we won’t hog the glory; of course you’ll be credited for your creative genius!).

Get creative with your photos. It doesn’t only have to be pretty ceramic bowls filled to the brim with Miracle Noodles (we do love those) ... submit a photo of someone you know enjoying our low-calorie pasta with a beautiful backdrop. (A photo of your significant other eating Miracle Noodles at the Grand Canyon … how cool would that be!) The sky — and your creativity — are the limit.

Requirements: 2 photos per month; must be high-resolution. Check out the Miracle Noodle Instagram page for examples of high-quality photos.

Art: You don’t have to be a Dutch master to paint a Miracle Noodle-themed canvas. Create a mandala out of our noodles. Create a pasta-inspired collage, paint a giant mural of our recipes at the local vacant building downtown (get permission from your local city council first; just kidding, don’t do that … we don’t want to get you in trouble).

Miracle Noodle Art Ambassadors know no limits to creativity. Their projects are featured throughout various Miracle Noodle social media and other marketing outlets.

Requirements: 2 photos per month of your original projects (completed with a step-by-step guide, if appropriate)

Social Media: Calling all healthy foodie bloggers, both well established and those wishing to start making positive changes in the world through your own social network: if you can create informative, well-researched, visually-popping blogs, video blogs or YouTube videos, integrating Miracle Noodle into your content, you’ll be well on your way to getting major discounts on Miracle Noodles and other benefits (see above).

Demonstrate how easy it is to whip up a healthy meal. Or provide tips on how to host the perfect healthy Miracle Noodle party. We'll share your video and blog entries across all channels, crediting you and bringing new audiences to your content.

Requirements: 2 blogs of at least 350 words per month, or a high-quality vblog or video, or combination of video and written blog.

Community Service: Donate Miracle Noodles to your local underprivileged/ disadvantaged assistance center and snap photos of your efforts so we can share on our social media networks. Or do you have a favorite non-profit that would benefit from from your volunteerism? Let us know about it and we will consider donating to that non-profit.

Requirements: Organize and execute 1 monthly Miracle Noodle service/volunteer trip (bring friends if you can!) and send us a short write-up about your experience with accompanying high-quality photos. Make sure you tell us about the favorite non-profit that you serviced in order for Miracle Noodle to make a donation on your behalf.

Jack (or Jackie) Of All Trades: Care to mix and match ambassador programs? No problem. We encourage diversity and creativity in many fields and can’t wait to share your work with our fans and reward you for your efforts!

Requirements: select any 2 projects from above per month.