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Miracle Noodle Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Miracle Noodle’s FAQ page.

We have two options for you. First is a VIDEO FAQ.

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We also have our most frequently asked questions copied below, and answers to them that we hope you find very helpful.

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What are your business hours and how can I contact you directly?

Our regular business hours are Monday-Friday 8a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.

We can be reached at 1-1800-948-4205 for US and Canadian Customers or via email at support@miraclenoodle.com

A telephone number for Australian customers is 1-800-072-997

How do I place an order?

To purchase our noodles feel free to visit us at:

For US and International customers:www.miraclenoodle.com

For UK customers:Please select United Kingdom from dropdown 'Select Country' coming on top of page.

For Canadian customers:Please select Canada from dropdown 'Select Country' coming on top of page.

For Australian customers:Please select Australia from dropdown 'Select Country' coming on top of page.

How can I make a change or cancel my recurring order?

Call or e-mail us at miraclenoodle@gmail.com 24 hours before your orderis scheduled to ship and we can make any changes that you like. The recurring program is very flexible and wasdesigned to meet your noodle needs. The recurrning program information can be found atwww.miraclenoodle.com/t-Auto-Delivery.aspx

What are the ingredients of the noodles?

The three ingredients of our shirataki noodles are Glucomannan, which is soluble fiber extracted from the root of aJapanese plant called a Konnyaku Imo, water and a calcium additive. This calcium additive is added to the noodles tokeep their shape intact. This is a food grade calcium additive known as pickling lime or calcium hydroxide.
The noodles contain no soy, tofu, gluten/casein, legume or gluten.

Are all the noodles from the same ingredients?

Yes, all of the noodle shapes are made from the same ingredients with the exception of the black shirataki. Theblack shirataki has the same ingredients as the others, but also has seaweed flakes on the noodles. There are also 10calories per serving for the black shirataki.

Are the noodles vegetarian?

Yes, all of the noodles that we sell are vegetarian. There is a shape called vegetarian shrimp, but this contains no shrimp. It is merely called that as it is shaped like a little shrimp or a small macaroni noodles.

Are the noodles kosher?

Yes, indeed they are kosher. More information can be found athttp://www.miraclenoodle.com/kosher.html

Can the noodles be eaten after the expiration date?

Yes. The noodles do last beyond their suggested shelf life but we recommend following the date. If they have beenrefrigeratated and if the noodle shape is still intact, they are fine to eat for a period o 2-3 months after the date.After a period of time, the noodles dissolve back into Glucomannan powder they are made from and then can no longer beconsumed.

How long will the noodles keep once they have been rinsed and dried (either towel or pan)?

How do I store the extra servings until I am ready to use them? Should I rinse them all and then store the extras?Should I pan dry the extras and store them?

Rinse them, then store in water, changing the water daily for2-3 days.

If you are looking for drying the noodles, we recommend dry roasting which can be found at thislink Dry Roasting Shirataki.

Go to: www.miraclenoodle.com/t-how-to-cook-shirataki-noodles.aspx for detailed instructions. Then add the noodles to your dish.

How do you prepare the noodles?

There are a couple of different ways to prepare the noodles and each way yields a different noodle texture.

The first step is to empty the noodles into a colander and drain the water that the noodles are packed in. Bring apot of fresh water to a boil on the stove. Add the noodles and boil for one minute, drain in colander and pat drywith a small hand towel or paper towel. Use a scissors to cut the noodles into smaller pieces (optional).

Note: There is a slight smell when opening the bag and this is normal. Boiling the noodles eliminates the smell.The origin of the smell comes from the natural fermentation process of the root of the Konnyaku Imo plant.

Once this is complete you can add the noodles to your favorite sauce, soup or stir fry, etc. The noodles can beheated in the dish that you are making. We recommend adding them at the end of the preparation process.

1) Rinse the noodles for a couple of minutes in warm water or soak in warm water while preparing your dish. Drain and pat dry with small hand towel and then add to your dish.


2) Rinse the noodles for 1-2 minutes in warm water (or boil for one minute) and then dry roast. Dry Roasting is a common Japanese method of preparing shirataki noodles. Go to: http://www.miraclenoodle.com/t-how-to-cook-shirataki-noodles.aspx for detailed instructions. Then add the noodles to your dish.

When you become an expert with the noodles inyour own recipes, we then recommend that youtry your hand at dry-roasting, blanching and salt-rubbing as is done in Japan. More details can befound using the Japanese cookbook we recommendcalled Washoku which can be found at the followinglink:http://tinyurl.com/ykc8k3

Feel free to experiment and try the noodles in different ways!!!!

Should the noodles be cooked?

We recommend adding the noodles to your sauce, stir fry or whatever dish you are making at the end of yourpreparation process. Heating the noodles for approx. 3-5 minutes will allow you to serve a hot and tasty dish! Don’theat for too long as that can change the texture of the noodles. The thicker shape shirataki noodles such as fettucini,rigatoni, lasagna, can withstand more heat than the angel hair.

What are available and where are they made?

The angel hair shirataki noodles, black and white, fettucini and rice are produced in Los Angeles for the USA. Thevariety shirataki noodles, fettuccini, linguini, orzo, mini-pearls, penne, rigatoni, vegetarian shrimp, agar, agar,gourmet mushroom are produced overseas. We do not sell kelp noodles.

All our products in Australia and Europe are made in our factory in Japan.

What is the shelf life of the noodles?

The angel hair shirataki noodles and fettuccini shirataki noodles with the green Miracle Noodle label, have a shelflife 6 months. They will last a couple of months beyond these dates with refrigeration and that does extend the shelflife of the noodles. The variety shape shirataki noodles, i.e. linguini, orzo, mini pearly, rigatoni, penne, handknots, etc. have a shelf life of one year at room temperature.

PLEASE NOTE: The noodles cannot be frozen. Freezing changes the texture of the noodles.

What is the proper way to store the noodles?

Once the bag is opened and you decide to only eat half a bag, place the unprepared portion in water in a sealedcontainer and refrigerate. These noodles will last another 7 days this way. It is recommended to change the waterevery couple of days.

When the noodles are already prepared in a sauce, refrigerate in a sealed container, and the noodles will lastanother 2-4 days this depending on the sauce. Noodle leftovers are delicious! Feel free to reheat for a short timein the microwave or on the stove.

What is the texture of the noodles?

The noodles do have a different texture than regular pasta. Try boiling them for one minute, drain pat dry, cut witha scissors and then add to your dish.

You need to experiment a little bit. That being said, the texture is not for everyone. Feel free to return if youchoose. We also suggest the soup recipe in the booklet if you like noodle soup. Add fresh veggies to it!

When will your newest product, calorie free Miracle Rice, be in stock? What is the link and pricing?
Miracle Rice Information

When we introduced our Fettuccini, we had come to the point where we had successfully duplicated just about everypasta recipe we wanted to. It was then that we decided that a Rice substitute would be amazing. When we had our testsamples – we were blown away at how versatile the rice was.


It is available in 10, 20, 30 packages.

For those who want to just sample Miracle Rice, it's included in our Variety Sampler. Click the link below.


Are there any retail stores carrying Miracle Noodles?

Yes, go to www.miraclenoodle.com/storelocator.aspx for a listing of retail locations currently carrying the noodles. We update this list on a regular basis.

What is the return policy?
If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase from Miracle Noodle you can returnyour item(s) for a full refund within 14 days by postmark of purchase if no morethan 3 packs have been used . Please call us at 1-800-948-4205 to process your returnand to receive a prepaid return shipping label via email.

Our return product address is :

12353Foothill Blvd
SylmarCA 91342


The Miracle Noodle Team

How are Miracle Noodles shipped and when can I expect my package? How can I track my order?

United States Warehouse

Packages shipped from our warehouse to the United States are sent via the United States Postal Service-prioritymail. It typically takes approx. 2-4 business days to receive within the US.
You will receive a tracking number via e-mail when the package ships.

Packages shipped internationally via USPA can take approx. 10-14 business days to receive.

Packages shipped from the United States to Canada via USPS take approx. 5-7 business days.

Rest assured!! Often if you ordered two items but have only received part of your order, the rest of your orderwill be coming from a different warehouse. We have two warehouses, one ships the angel hair, fettuccini, rice, andagar the other ships everything else. So if you ordered the penne and the angel hair, for example, you will receiveyour order in 2 shipments.

Canadian Warehouse Shipping

Canadian shipments from our warehouse in Toronto are sent via Canada Post.

It takes approx. 3-5 business days to receive.

Australian Warehouse Shipping

Shipments from our Australian website are now being sent via Australia Air Express.

It takes approx. 3-5 business days to receive the package.

The other shape shirataki noodles that are not offered yet in Canada or Australia can still be purchased from our USwebsite at www.miraclenoodle.com. Shipping from the US toAustralia or Canada will be more expensive.

Return Product Address-Canada
Miracle Noodle Canada
2050 Codlin Crescent, Unit 3
Toronto, ON M9W 712

Return Product Address-Australia
Miracle Noodle Australia
Unit 2, 3 Box Road
Taren Point, NSW 2229

Are there specials and discounts on Facebook?

Special Coupons and Discounts are posted periodically via our Facebook page at:


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