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Do Carb-Conscious Dieters Need to Avoid Pasta?

If you’re carb conscious, chances are you equate the word ‘carb’ with other dirty, four-letter words.

Carbs bloat, carbs make you fat, carbs cause inflammation, carbs cause chronic diseases, carbs wreak havoc on your bikini figure...

If you avoid most carbs like plague, you have good reason to: the modern processing of many carbohydrates and the overzealous snacking of the typical westerner has, in large part, caused our bloated federal health care system to devour nearly twenty percent of the federal budget.

Feasting on carbs, in other words, is responsible for many chronic diseases that are highly preventable.

Of course not all carbs are nefarious. Vegetables are technically carbohydrates, as are fruits. When it comes to the latter, as long as they are eaten in moderation and not consumed in a gluttonous orgy at a buffett's fruit salad bar, fruits play a vital part in a healthy diet.

Ancient, heirloom grains like quinoa, emmer (farro) and einkorn wheat provide long-lasting, sustained energy as well as phytonutrients that are hard to come by from other sources.

Are noodles a no-no for low-carb dieters?

Whether you’re concerned about blood sugar levels or for more vain reasons such as looking better naked, 99.99% of the time, noodles should be avoided if you want to lead a low-carb lifestyle.

The exception to the rule: try to find a noodle substitute that’s made of 97% water and the remaining three percent comprised of fiber. The noodle alternative should contain zero net carbs, meaning that if it did not contain fiber, it would still only have about a handful of net carb grams, but because of the fiber, the carb grams are discounted.

These zero carb noodles should also have zero net calories. As a bonus for conscious dieters, they are also naturally gluten-free.

Most importantly, they should feel, look and taste like regular high-carb noodles and be very easy to cook and prepare. In short, this noodle surrogate should be an easy solution for low-carb dieters.

Sound like a low-carb fantasy? Well, it’s not! Miracle Noodle, used for over 2000 years in Japan, certainly exists and it’s so easy to prepare, taking way less time than regular high-carb noodles to cook. Miracle Noodle is also extremely easy to order online, even delivered to your front door, saving you 15% on every order on the Miracle Noodle autoship program.

The perfect low-carb meal, with noodles

Many low-carb dieters understand the concepts of portion sizes and macronutrient proportions. The perfect meal for any low-carb dieter can include a lean protein like fish, organic chicken, grass-fed beef or a fermented soy product for the vegetarian; a natural fat source like avocado or coconut oil or olive oil; healthy low-starch carbohydrates mainly in the form of vegetables; and Miracle Noodle, which, besides water, contains nothing but fiber, helping you feel full for longer.

Think about the dozens and dozens of noodle recipes that usually are made with high-carb noodles. You may even have a few traditional cookbooks gathering dust and spider webs in your drawers, burying them out of sight now that you are leading a low-carb lifestyle.

Well, now you can dust off those books and simply replace high-carb noodles with Miracle Noodle. Currently, Miracle Noodle products offer alternatives to angel hair pasta, fettuccine, garlic-herb pasta and more.

Miracle Noodle even sells a non-starch, low-calorie flour called konjac flour, which will help reduce the amount of net carbs in recipes that call for baking, perfect for the low-carb dessert chef.

Miracle Rice is equally low-carb nice

Noodles and rice are a prime ingredient in hundreds of dishes, particularly popular asian cuisines. For low-carb conscious dieters, Miracle Noodle also offers Miracle Rice, which, just like its noodle counterpart, has the same appearance and texture of regular rice, but without all the blood-sugar spiking carbs.

Regular white rice ranks over 60 on the glycemic index meaning the rice can potentially dramatically raise your blood sugar levels; brown rice ranks almost as high as white rice, despite many people thinking it is vastly lower on the index.

Miracle Rice is also a great solution for low-carb dieters, being very easy to prepare and soaking up the flavor of any low-carb sauce or spice a recipe calls for.

If you’re ready to enjoy an easy low-carb lifestyle, make Miracle Noodle and Miracle Rice a daily part of your healthy, easy cooking routine. It’s as easy as removing the product from the package, briefly rinsing it and lightly boiling for a few minutes.

Want to try both Miracle Noodles and Miracle Rice? Order the variety sampler pack, which contains both.

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