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Celebrity Chef Rocco Dispirito Endorses Miracle Noodle

Celebrity Chef Rocco Dispirito, in his latest best-selling book, “Now Eat This,” writes a compelling argument in the forward of the book:

“How can I be expected to eat healthy if the healthy foods aren't the ones I want to eat?”

A valid argument for sure....

So how do most people adopt a healthy eating regimen even though they don’t necessarily want to eat many of the health foods recommended to them by a weight loss coach or registered dietician or other nutrition professional?

“Surrender,” says Dispirito in his book. Other ways people cope with food include desperation (weight-loss pills, celebrity fad diets, surgery); self-denial (giving up favorite foods like pasta) and surrender (not doing anything about their unhealthy diet and succumbing to the pitfalls of chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes).

Dispirito astutely mentions that even though 60 percent of Americans are either overweight or obese, many people struggling with their weight are undernourished.

So what does Dispirito offer as a solution or answer?

“Eat the foods that you like, but eat healthful versions of them.”

This, in essence, is what Now Eat This is all about.

Now Eat This takes 150 of the most popular “bad boy” dishes, as Dispirito refers to them. He scoured social media sites to select these 150 dishes, which include obvious choices like burgers, pizza, ice cream and pasta.

WIth each of the 150 dishes, Dispirito’s goal is to greatly reduce the fat, calories and sugar, but with the challenge of keeping them topped out at 350 calories per serving and just as tasty if not more so as the original unhealthy version.

Dispirito claims he was able, on average, to reduce each dish’s fat grams by 66 percent and by 83 percent total calories, all without sacrificing taste.

And speaking of taking a comfort food and making it healthier and tastier, what do you think Dispirito included for his favorite pasta and noodle dishes?

Why Miracle Noodle, of course!

The Miracle Noodle Team is proud that Rocco included Miracle Noodle in Now Eat This.

Here’s a recipe that includes Miracle Noodle from Dispirito’s book. We hope you take comfort in knowing your favorite pasta comfort food can now be considered super-healthy!

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