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How to Make Low Carb Easy

Whether you’re new to the low-carb lifestyle or have shunned high-carb, belly-bloating dishes for quite some time now, the key to maintaining this diet is being able to create healthy dishes, easily and speedily.

For those who are relatively new to the low-carb lifestyle, if it took cooking three meals a day at 45-60 minutes per meal, chances are the low-carb lifestyle wouldn’t work for very long. If, let’s say, you had to make your own low-carb noodles from scratch to be able to enjoy your favorite Italian or Asian dishes, how long could that be sustainable? Not very, most likely.

Healthier desserts are now easy to enjoy for low-carb dieters, thanks to all-natural sugar substitutes like stevia. For those that enjoy baking, using stevia or swapping high-carb rice puddings for zero-carb Miracle Rice pudding makes it easy to enjoy sumptuous desserts without the guilt.

For main courses, it’s just as easy. Even a non-stop, full-time mom can whip up a healthy low-carb meal for the whole family in no-time. Simply chop up some of your favorite vegetables. This takes no more than a couple minutes. Place a lean protein in the oven and sprinkle with some herbs and spices, which also takes no more than a couple minutes. Remove your favorite zero-carb Miracle Noodle product from the package, rinse for a minute and place in lightly boiling water for three minutes. Add the Miracle Noodle to your veggie stir-fry. In under 15 minutes, you can have a very healthy low-starch, low-carb (the only carbs will be from the vegetables) meal.

To maximize the ease and speed of cooking low-carb healthy meals, take one day per week to prepare a large amount of Miracle Noodle-veggie stir fry with organic chicken or wild fish or grass-fed beef. Place in a Pyrex or microwave-safe container and enjoy for the whole week. Bring leftovers to work and simply reheat. Be the envy of all your co-workers for your lean waistline and gourmet meals.

Miracle Noodle makes low-carb living quite easy. If you love angel hair pasta, fettuccini, ziti, garlic-herb infused pasta, and even rice dishes, Miracle Noodle offers zero-carb, zero-calorie substitutes for all of these favorites, all without sacrificing the look and feel of regular high-carb noodle and rice varieties.

It only takes a few minutes to prepare Miracle Noodle and when you add your favorite low-sugar (another way of saying ‘low-carb’) sauces as well as herbs and spices, you will swear you are eating regular high-carb pasta.

Another reason why Miracle Noodle makes it easy for low-carb dieters is that it is comprised almost entirely of fiber, which slightly expands in your belly, making you feel full without the heavy, bloated and lethargic feeling of regular high-carb noodle and rice dishes, which also make you hungry, typically, within just a couple hours after you felt stuff in the first place.

If you’re a noodle and rice lover, you can have Miracle Noodle and Miracle Rice every night of the week. Combine them with your favorite vegetables, a lean protein and healthy, natural fat like avocados. Cook with healthy oils like olive or coconut oils.

The popularity of low-carb lifestyles has led to a large variety of low-carb offerings that are normally loaded with carbs. Think low-carb breads for sandwich lovers, for example. What would life be like for those that love pasta and rice but for medical reasons or lifestyle reasons have decided to go low-carb? Perhaps fairly depressing. But thanks to Miracle Noodle and Miracle Rice, you can now make it easy to go low-carb.

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