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On the Importance of Maintaining Favorite Rituals for Weight Loss

From drinking too much coffee, alcohol or sugary drinks, to eating too much junk food and pasta, noodles, rice and other high-carb foods, there's plenty of vices that challenge our health every day.

For many people, it's not the actual offending substance that's hard to kick. It's the ritual of ingesting the offending potential poison. 

Take the cigarette for example. Sure, there are a plethora of addictive chemicals in most cigarettes, and it's no doubt very hard to quit. But many people have successfully quit cold turkey; it's the morning routine of getting out of bed and reading the paper and taking that first puff of the day. 

And perhaps also that first cup of coffee. If you're someone who has wanted to reduce or quit drinking coffee, again, the excess caffeine could alter for the worse your hormonal levels, but it's the ritual of grabbing your favorite coffee mug in the morning and smelling the roasted beans percolating that could be just as addictive. 

In this example, the best thing to do is maybe not quit cold turkey but switch to decaf, or do half-regular coffee, half-decaf. The important part of the successful health-improving habit, though, is to honor the ritual. 

If you're new to eating Miracle Noodles, perhaps now you're thinking that you can no longer have big pasta dinners with your family. That couldn't be further from the truth! You should continue to eat big family style dinners even if the rest of your family doesn't want to eat Miracle Noodles. (But give them a taste and they're likely to change their mind!)

If you have to, cook yourself a dish; your family members will be jealous that your Miracle Noodles are ready way before theirs!

Have a favorite bowl or plate that you used to eat regular pasta, rice or noodles from? Eat from it with your Miracle Noodles and Miracle Rice! You won't miss out on your old high-carb meals. 

Whatever favorite rituals you used to have, honor them, and continue them, if that's what it takes to get healthier. 

The power of the ritual is sometimes more powerful than the actual addiction; sometimes, it's the ritual that's addictive!

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