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How to Beat the Glycemic Index

Whether you're trying lose weight, eat low-carb or improve diabetes, especially type 2, you must learn to master the Glycemic Index. That means pasta, noodles and rice are a no-no on your approved diet list. At least that’s what you may have been told by your doctor or nutritionist. 

Well, good news: you can have your cake and eat it, too. Ok, maybe not regular cake, but there's a substitute for several types of your favorite carbohydrates that you can enjoy guilt-free, everything from fettuccini to angel hair pasta to ziti to rigatoni to rice. 

“How can that be?” you might ask. After all, aren't these the type of carbohydrates that rapidly convert into sugar, forcing my pancreas to work overtime, releasing more insulin, the hormone that escorts sugar from the bloodstream into the cells? 

Aren't noodles one of the major foods responsible for my system having become more resistant to insulin over the years, making my cells reject the hormone? Aren't noodles high on the glycemic index, the scale that measures how quickly a certain food can raise blood sugar levels? 

The answer to both questions is “yes” but with one major exception. In Japan, a noodle made from a flour called ‘konjac’ has been a dietary staple for 2000 years. It contains zero net calories and zero net carbs and has a glycemic index score of zero, meaning it will not spike your blood sugar levels at all. 

That’s why the name “Miracle Noodle” is not hyperbole. It’s nothing short of miraculous that thousands of people have improved their diabetes and lost significant weight and managed to stay on a low-carb diet just by incorporating noodles and rice made of konjac flour into their diet. 

It’s also miraculous that this noodle doesn't even have to be cooked for more than a minute or two; Miracle Noodles readily absorbs whatever spices and sauces you're cooking with. There's even a little fiber in the noodles. The fiber slightly expands in your stomach, making you feel full longer, eliminating cravings for carbohydrates that quickly convert into sugar. (There will be a whopping 6 grams of fiber in our upcoming Dry Pasta version; sign up for our newsletter to be notified when they are available.) 

In fact, making Miracle Noodle products a prominent part of your diet can slash 2000 calories per week from your caloric intake. 

Let’s do a little diet math. There are approximately 3500 calories in one pound of fat. Drinking one can of regular soda per day equals 150 calories. Drink a soda every day and that’s 1050 extra calories per week and 4200 calories per month. 

Hypothetically speaking, assuming that you were burning as many calories as you were consuming, minus the can of soda, that’s a caloric surplus of 1200 calories per month. Multiply 1200 calories times one year and you get 14,400 extra calories from that one can of soda. This translates into packing on 3 extra pounds per year from just one can of daily soda. 

Add to the 3 pounds all the extra calorie-rich and blood-sugar spiking foods and it’s not difficult to comprehend how easy it is to gain weight over the years. 

It’s critical to eat lots of foods that do not raise your blood sugar levels and lower the glycemic load. Glycemic load takes into account the amount of carbohydrates (and protein and fat) consumed at one sitting. For example, if you ate a dinner of Miracle Noodle Spinach Angel Hair Pasta drizzled with olive oil, garlic and lemon and pepper, and a 6 oz. (the size of one and a half average-sized fists) portion of salmon, your glycemic load would be near zero (the lower the number, the better). 

It’s understandable that once in a while you’ll dine out. If you have a craving for regular noodles, limiting the amount of starchy carbohydrates (like spaghetti) and eating plentiful vegetables and lean protein with it will help control your blood sugar levels. Your glycemic load won’t be zero if you eat regular noodles instead of shirataki pasta from Miracle Noodle, but you'll be on your way to reversing diabetes.

That’s why it’s always wise to eat three balanced meals a day (preferably at the same time every day) that contain protein, fat and a low-glycemic index carbohydrate. Miracle Noodle products are miraculous because they are the only noodle and rice offerings that are so low on the glycemic index that they all rate zero on the scale. 

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