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What Most Americans Think About Gluten Free Diets

An influential market analysis company has just revealed a slice of America's taste for gluten free products.
The gluten free segment, concluded the study, comprises barely over 10% of all U.S. households (adjusted for sample size). But nearly one-quarter of all respondents believed gluten free is healthier than a non-gluten free diet. About the same percentage of people--25%--who are gluten-free do not have the serious autoimmune disorder, Celiac Disease (at least not knowingly) nor do they have any gluten sensitivities or a gluten allergy. 
So why, if only 10% of U.S. households have at least one Gluten Free dieter, do so many people think that GF is healthy for anybody? The market research says that people believe that GF diets can improve digestion and provide a cleansing to the body. 
While that may be very true, and astute of the health-conscious population to say so, this data harks back to a previous Gluten Free Miracle Noodle Blog entitled, "The Dangers of Gluten Free Foods," the gist of which is: gluten free crackers, chips, pretzels, cookies and other seemingly-innocuous snack is not going to detoxify or cleanse your system (shameless product pitch: but Miracle Noodle's Cleanse and Detox Soup will help!).
So, yes, avoiding processed breads and baked goods as well as most grains with gluten may help with elimination, digestion and cleansing, just make sure not to spoil the beneficial effects by bingeing on gluten free processed snacks. 
Another interesting tidbit from the data: Half the consumers surveyed said they were not willing to forgo the delicious taste of their favorite glutenous foods in favor of a GF doppelganger. Another major barrier to entry for those thinking about gluten free is price; half of all respondents believed GF foods are too pricey. 
Miracle Noodle now has 10 Gluten Free noodle and rice products, as well as 4 Gluten Free Soups and 3 products featuring one of the world's healthiest teas, Pure White Kenyan Matcha, which we call Miracle MatchaAs for price, most Miracle Noodle low-calorie pastas can be purchased for under $2.50 per serving. That's about on par or even cheaper than imported Italian noodles at the supermarket or health food store. 
Miracle Noodle never claims that its low-cal, low-carb, gluten-free noodles taste exactly like regular pasta but cook them the right way, add a healthy sauce, veggies and perhaps a lean protein and you've got the perfect, quick-cooking healthy gluten free meal and you will swear you are eating regular high-carb noodles loaded with hundreds of calories. 
Water is of course gluten free. And that's what Miracle Noodles mostly are, with a little vegetable fiber added, that helps keep you full. 
Breaking bad habits, like eating too much gluten-filled regular pasta, involves not just going cold turkey for most people, but continuing the ritual. Miracle Noodles allows you to have your noodles, and eat them, too, without the carbs and gluten. 


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