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High Fiber Diets Prevent a Deadly Diabetes Side Effect

One of the biggest early mortality side-effects for diabetics is heart attacks. But a recent study says that those who have experienced heart attacks but then adopted a high fiber diet had a much lower risk of dying.

The study tracked over 2,200 women and 1,800 men who had survived a first heart attack and never had a stroke.

The study's authors mentioned that one pitfall many diabetics fall into is the reliance on pharmaceuticals to lower cholesterol levels. This study, the authors said, validates a key concept of healthy living: you must eat a healthy fiber-rich diet, in conjunction with taking prescription drugs. 

Many studies have concluded diets' role in promoting health (or disease if the diet is unhealthy), but what makes this analysis interesting is that up until this study, little was known about fiber's effect on this particular population of people who already had a heart attack. 

Participants in the study were followed for about nine years. What the researchers found was that for every 10 gram increase in fiber intake, the risk of death from any cause was reduced by about 15 percent. 

So how much fiber should you shoot for in one day? The daily recommended minimum value is about 25 grams a day for women and 40 grams for men. But like many USDA recommended values, the Miracle Noodle Team suggests getting even more fiber per day that the official guidelines. 

There is some fiber in Miracle Noodles, but truth be told, not enough to pad your daily totals. The fiber in Miracle Noodles does, though, bind to water, and help with elimination and slightly expand in your stomach to give you that sense of fullness. But since Miracle Noodles are about 97% water, there's actually little fiber; you'll need to supplement your fiber intake with vegetables, lots and lots and lots of vegetables. 

Legumes/beans are also a great source. If you have trouble digesting beans, try soaking them in water for 24 hours. You can also get some fiber from 100% whole grains, with the best sources in that department coming from sprouted grains or unrefined/unbleached flour products. But don't go overboard with grains.

That's why salads are so great. You can make delicious salads with olive oil/balsamic dressing. Salads will really pad your fiber count. 

There actually are some Miracle Noodle products that will boost your fiber intake. 

Miracle Weight Management Soup contains 9 grams of fiber, coming from chia- and flaxseeds (seeds and nuts are also a decent source of fiber) and lentils (lentils are legumes). 

Miracle Cleanse and Detox Soup has 4 grams of fiber per serving, or 12% of the recommended daily value for a male. The fiber in this soup comes from the grain quinoa, as well as split mung beans. 

Miso Marvellous, the world's first instant miso noodle soup, also has 4 grams of fiber per serving. 

Miracle Noodle also has a product with 7 grams of fiber called Health Mix-in, a superfood blend of white matcha tea powder, goji berries, chia- and flax seeds. 

We will add more products with high fiber. Make sure you're on our e-newsletter list to get informed of when we introduce new high-fiber products. 

A final note about the study: the researchers acknowledge that those who eat lots of fiber are also more likely to have healthier, all-around general habits, such as daily activity and not smoking and not drinking alcohol excessively. If you're reading this blog, chances are that you, too, lead a healthier lifestyle, but may this remind you to eat loads of fiber for a long and healthy life. 

For more on fiber's role in health, enjoy this free e-book from Miracle Noodle, Using Miracle Noodles for Health. 

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