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The Skinny on the HCG Diet

The Miracle Noodle Team receives emails from around the world everyday praising our shirataki noodles for helping with weight loss. And occasionally, Miracle Noodle devotees tell us they've done the HCG diet to help with successful weight loss. 

So it begs the question, what does the Miracle Noodle Team think of the HCG diet? Here's our answer....

To lose weight, would you get injected with, or take a supplement that comes from the hormone that's extracted from the urine of pregnant women?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, aka HCG, has been medically administered since the 1950s, originally given to boys in India to reverse obvious traits of feminine qualities, such as enlarged breasts.

Thanks to celebrity-endorsed diets, HCG has undergone a renaissance.

The Atkins, Zone- and South Beach  Diets might be more well-known, but because the FDA does not regulate the $60 billion supplement market (other than cracking down on companies who claim that their supplements can cure a disease), sales of HCG treatments and supplements have skyrocketed.

How does the diet work?

The hormone resets the body back to its natural healthy fat metabolizing capability and  "tells your body" to draw all of its energy only from abnormal and excess fat.

The cherry on top is that it leaves your muscle tissues intact. In other words, it burns fat without sacrificing muscle.

The hormone also help the brain control the hunger and appetite signal.

Common HCG advertisements claim weight loss successes of  one to three pounds per day!

Men also have HCG hormone, albeit on a lower level, and thus are also able to go on the HCG diet or get injections.

HCG supplements are most often sold in sublingual drops,  though most dieticians actually recommend people who want to go on an HCG diet be supervised by a doctor.

Doctors most likely would prescribe injections rather than advise patients to start self-administering drops or pills.

But injections are costlier. So more people are self-administering, and this has caused some controversy around the diet.

Why the controversy?

HCG, in its unregulated, non-medically supervised forms of pills or drops is unregulated. And many purveyors of the unregulated variety are on the Internet hoping to make good money.

If taking the supplements (or the regulated injections), your diet is limited to approximately 500 calories per day.

Some nutritionists, dieticians and doctors think that limiting 500 calories a day can deprive one of critical nutrients.

What do supporters of HCG say about the the low caloric restriction?

Due to the hormone's fat metabolism, not as much energy is required from food; the hormone actively suppresses food cravings.

Despite consuming just one-fourth of the recommended FDA daily guidelines of 2000 calories, those who take the HCG hormone claim that they have energy levels as if they were consuming 2000 calories.

The breakdown of fat provides the energy required by the body to function at a normal level.

How long does the HCG diet last?

For those wanting to lose 25 pounds, it will take about 25 days to achieve the desired weight loss.

Miracle Noodle's Verdict:

The many testimonials we receive of people losing lots of weight lead us to believe that the HCG diet can work, but we recommend consulting with a clinical nutritionist or doctor to make sure the diet will not negatively affect your health. Always consult a medical professional before taking any supplement, especially one derived from hormones.

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