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Top 4 Ways to Stay on a Low-Carb Diet

Checkin' in with you to see if you're staying on the right track to slash 2000 calories a week from your diet....

The average high-carb pasta serving is 300 calories. Replacing one high-carb meal per day with Miracle Noodles, pasta, rice or soups can help you slash over 2000 calories a week from your diet. To give yourself the best opportunity to stay on the low-carb bandwagon, are you doing the following 4 things consistently?

1. Cooking Miracle Noodles the Best Way Possible, aka Dry Roasting Dry roasting Miracle Noodles is the best method to make sure the noodles totally soak up the sauce. In case you need a refresher in learning how to dry roast, click here to watch a short video.

2. Adding low-sugar, low-sodium delicious sauces Miracle Noodles can be an amazing transformational product. You can eat all the pasta, noodles and rice you want because of the ridiculously low amount of calories in all our products. But if you're adding high sugar and high sodium sauces, you might not be able to manage your weight, blood pressure and blood sugar levels as best as you can.

3. Adding organic vegetables You need antioxidants to keep your cells healthy. Fresh, organic vegetables are loaded with antioxidants. (If you don't think you're eating enough veggies, check out our antioxidant products.) Plus, veggies are loaded with fiber. Even though veggies are considered carbohydrates, these are the best carbs to eat. Fiber keeps your digestive system regular and helps you feel satisfied. Chances are less that you'll crave high-sugar carbs when you get plenty of fiber in your diet from fresh veggies.

4. Saving Money We understand that buying organic fruits and veggies can be expensive. But we have a great solution for you to save money so you can buy more Miracle Noodles and organic veggies. The Miracle Noodle Auto Ship program saves you 15% on every order! This is the easiest and most affordable way to make sure you'll be able to replace one high-carb meal per day with low-carb pasta, noodles and rice. You can select delivery every 1-4 months. Isn't it awesome to have low-carb and low-cal pasta, noodles, rice and soup delivered to your home?

Best of all, you get to save 15%! More money in your pockets! It's FREE TO JOIN AUTO SHIP.

Click below to learn more: www.miraclenoodle.com/t-auto-delivery.aspx Stick with these 4 tips and you'll be well on your way to managing your weight and feeling great! P.S. With every order you receive while on Auto Ship, you'll get a FREE GIFT!

P.P.S. We're sure you'll love the ease and savings of Auto Ship but if for any reason you decide to cancel, no problem.

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