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Low-Carb Pasta: Miracle Fettuccini

If you really want to shock dinner party guests, offer them Fettuccini Alfredo, Miracle Noodle style. Wait until they taste it and give you an incredulous nod of approval. "Oh my God! That tastes amazing! What's your secret?" Before you reveal the secret, though, first tell your stoked and satiated dinner guests that the noodles they've just eaten have zero carbohydrates. Then tell them that they have zero calories. Watch their lower jaw fall to their dinner plates. While you're at it, tell them that the noodles are gluten-free. Might as well lay it all on them: tell 'em the pasta has no sugar or salt and it's also soy-free and kosher! "No Way! I Don't Believe You! How Could That Be? That's Crazy...No Calories?...But it's Pasta...Pasta is Loaded with Carbs!"  Don't be surprised if you hear this reaction. This is when you'll want to shock and awe them, revealing that they've just eaten Miracle Noodles, fettuccini style. Tell your dinner party that the noodles are made mostly of water and vegetable fiber. Then you can ask them if they feel stuffed and bloated, which is a common symptom after eating a heavy pasta dish. They won't believe that they're full without feeling like their pants button is gonna pop off. Then here's what you do...save this picture below to your phone and show them another recipe with Miracle Fettucini.

Image of Creamy Miracle Noodle Fettuccini Delight

This picture is of Creamy Miracle Fettucini Delight, a new recipe supplied by Miracle Noodle lover Barbara Gornick, who has contributed to our customer recipe page on more than one occasion, earning herself dozens of bags of FREE NOODLES! (Click here for Barbara's recipe.) SAVE 15% on MIRACLE FETTUCINI and Be the Hit of the Dinner Party! Your dinner guests might think you're a bit delusional thinking that you can pull off a satisfying, delicious pasta dish using zero-calorie noodles. But oh how wrong you're going to prove them.... Got a big dinner party coming up? Or just simply love to cook healthy pasta dishes often? Then stock up on Miracle Fettuccini now.  www.miraclenoodle.com/p-6-fettuccini.aspx

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