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Miracle Matcha Tea Powder: A Chance Encounter Leads to the Perfect Antioxidant Solution

Not All My Patients Can Eat A Huge Salad with Organic Veggies Every Day

This is my advice for when today is one of those days....

  For over 14 years, I've maintained a private dermatology practice, with an emphasis on improving my patients' skin holistically. To help my patients with their skin problems, I put all my patients interested in natural healing through a 4-week health course that focuses on diet modification. Sadly, most people are not interested in natural healing. I know you are or you wouldn't be reading this email! The appearance of your skin is a direct reflection of how your organs are functioning! The organs are a window into your body! And if you're not always eating healthy and not getting enough antioxidants in your diet--every single day--your organs won't function at an optimal level. If your organs aren't in tip-top shape, you might not have the beautiful, sultry-looking skin you desire. But I'm realistic with my expectations of my patients. I realize they're not always going to be able to eat a humongous salad at least once a day. Have you had a super jam-packed busy day lately? I'm sure you have. I've had plenty of them lately myself! Today, I'll have a full load of seeing patients. It's going to be tough for me to race back home during my quick lunch break and make a monolithic salad. I usually do practice what I preach, but today's not one of those days. I'm not perfect even though I'm a medical doctor with a passion for nutrition. So I'm going to share with you what I do on days like this....  

Random Encounter at a Trade Show Leads to Delicious Arsenal Against Free Radical Damage....

  I was at a healthy food trade show recently and struck up a random conversation with a British guy named Tim, who asked me the following question: "With 100% honesty, can you say that you eat healthy every single day...not only abstaining from junk food but making sure you're eating superfoods that have the absolute highest antioxidant levels on the planet?" I replied truthfully, "Unfortunately, no." The affable British gentleman, named Tim, then told me that no matter how healthy I thought I was, I probably could use an extra boost of antioxidants to make sure that my body has the best chance to successfully fight free radical damage that causes disease. Tim then told me he has exclusive rights to 3 great products that have an ingredient that comes from the Great Upper Rift Valley in Kenya. This product is a whole-leaf tea powder containing the highest free-radical-damage-fighting properties of any tea on Earth, three times higher in fact than the second most powerful tea. The whole-leaf tea is called "Pure White Matcha Tea." Tim said that this miraculous matcha tea is:
  • made from ancient and sustainable practices that grinds the whole tea leaf into a fine powder, thus preserving all the antioxidants
  • much higher in antioxidants than regular green tea and green matcha tea
  • naturally high in fiber and protein
  • a major factor why traditional tribes in Upper Rift Valley of Kenya have virtually no chronic disease, even though they have a very limited food supply
  • a great source of natural energy


  But Tim didn't try to sell me any of it. Instead, he asked me what I do and how I came to doing it. I told Tim that I'm a dermatologist and in 2006, while visiting Japan, a friend there introduced me to shirataki-style noodles (aka Miracle Noodles) and it wasn't long before I fell in love with these noodles. "I couldn't believe they were so low in calories yet satisfied me as if I were eating a regular bowl of high-carb noodles!" I gushed to Tim, about my experience trying Miracle Noodles for the first time. I then told him about my epiphany while in Japan: with so many people in the U.S. (and in an increasing number of other countries) struggling to manage their weight, much too tempted by stripped-of-nutrition, white-flour products, I immediately decided I was going to launch Miracle Noodles. I'm very proud (I couldn't help bragging a little to Tim) of how eight years going strong--with the help of my family--Miracle Noodle has helped so many people, be it with weight management, improving blood sugar and diabetes as well as cholesterol levels. (I forgot to tell Tim that Miracle Noodle helps gluten free dieters stay gluten free.)  

Tim Proposes. I Say, 'Yes,' Without A Doubt!


With the same intense, no-doubt-about-it intuition that led my heart of hearts to introduce Miracle Noodle, I immediately said, "YES" when Tim asked me if I wanted to distribute this amazing whole-leaf tea powder product line here.

And now the most amazing coincidence in the history of business - Tim had already named his product , "Miracle Matcha." Now if that isn't unbelievable, I don't know what is. A match(a) was made!!! Of course, I did my due diligence, reading up prodigiously on Pure White Matcha Tea Powder's Antioxidant Content and verifying that it did indeed contain the highest amount of disease-fighting polyphenols (a type of antioxidant) on the planet. Among the info Tim shared with me was this graph, data from which was taken by two independent labs. [caption id="attachment_2197" align="alignnone" width="300"]Image of Polyphenol levels of most popular drinks. Miracle Matcha  has the most antioxidants (polyphenols) of any tea on the planet and twice as much as orange juice without all the sugar OJ has![/caption]  



If it's not Inexpensive & Easy, is it Worth Being Healthy?

What's it worth to you to stay healthy and give yourself the best chance to prevent disease, which is all too prevalent in our society?

Are you shopping every week for lots and lots of organic fruits and veggies and other superfoods that contain oodles and oodles of antioxidants? I don't blame you if sometimes you're not! I know sometimes you want a shortcut! But most shortcuts out there aren't shortcuts at all, they outright harm your health. This Miracle Matcha shortcut is 100% good for you!! Look at that diagram again - can you see why as a physician I am impressed with this?  

That's why I'm really excited about The Miracle Matcha Bundle, 3 delicious and super easy solutions for hectic, action-packed days, where you'll be lucky if you're able to come up for even one breath of fresh air....

Even if you've got a super busy day, you can find time to sip from a water bottle or make a quick smoothie, or eat a bowl of yogurt, right? And even if you've got a super busy day, you can find time to sip from a water bottle or make a quick smoothie, or eat a bowl of yogurt, right? Here are just 3 examples of the easy ways to use The Miracle Matcha Bundle: Sprinkle some of the Pure Miracle Matcha Powder into your water bottle, add our Health Mix-in to your smoothie or your yogurt, or take a Miracle Matcha Health Shot made from white matcha tea and cranberry juice for an afternoon pick me up at work. And if you can find the time for what I just mentioned, then you can easily make sure you're getting your daily dose of disease-fighting antioxidants with what's inside the Miracle Matcha Bundle.   www.miraclenoodle.com/p-429-miracle-matcha-bundle.aspx (This link has a video.)  

Do you believe in fate? Do you believe that things happen for a reason?

  Well, I truly believe that I was meant to have that random encounter with Tim. Actually, I believe that it wasn't random at all. What do you think? Of course, as always, we have a full guarantee on our products so try our Miracle Matcha Bundle today. Miracle Matcha is your personal go-to source for getting an antioxidant boost in the most delicious and time saving way possible. Thanks for reading.

Jonathan Carp, M.D.
President & Founder, Miracle Noodle 

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