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Don't Diet: Just Enjoy Your Favorite Meals with Miracle Noodle and Miracle Rice

Don't Diet: Just Enjoy Your Favorite Meals with Miracle Noodle and Miracle Rice
As I mentioned, my 80-year old mother has reached her weight-goals and kept it off without any of the hunger or cravings she was expecting - all thanks to Miracle Noodle and Miracle Rice.

Healthy eating doesn't have to be boring - in fact, with Miracle Noodle and Miracle Rice, you can make delicious meals that fit your diet perfectly.

My mom starts her morning with a yummy "Miracle Rice Pudding" made with apples, walnuts, cinnamon and raisins (it's like dessert for breakfast!). She'll also have some unsweetened yogurt. Lunch is usually a very big salad like a Caesar salad with anchovies. For dinner she'll either have another salad full of veggies plus a bean soup or broiled fish with some Angel Hair Miracle Noodle on the side - topped off with one of her homemade sauces (she's quite famous for them!).

Our customers come up with some truly amazing recipes when using our products - from soups to salads to stir fries - Miracle Noodle and/or Rice will add bulk, texture AND nutrition while still being super tasty!

Try our noodles and rice now and start making healthier recipes today! This is simply the easiest way to add a healthier element to your overall eating plan. The Angel Hair is the best way to get started.

To You And Yours In Health,

Jonathan Carp, MD
President - Miracle Noodle

P.S. In the next email, I will be sharing some of the absolutely astounding ways customers like you have incorporated Miracle Noodle and Miracle Rice into their lives. Keep a lookout in your inbox.

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