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How to Make Healthy Italian-Style Skinny Noodle (Angel Hair and Capellini) Meals with Angel Hair

We often get asked, what is the best way to make our noodles taste just like Italian pasta.

Our noodles are made from 97% water and 3% plant fiber.

As the noodles get thicker, it takes on the character more of an Asian noodle than an Italian pasta. But the skinnier the noodle, the more like an Italian pasta it becomes in taste and texture.

Our skinny noodles like Angel Hair and Capellini, if prepared properly, can take on the texture and taste of Italian pasta. Our skinny noodles can be used in Italian-style dishes such as:

  • Low Carb Shrimp and Angel Hair pasta
  • Angel Hair Bolognese
  • Italian Seafood with Balsamic and Angel Hair
Our skinny noodles aren’t just for making Italian style dishes. From Indian to Chinese to Thai, etc., virtually any ethnic dish, like the ones below, can be made with our low-carb skinny noodles like Angel Hair and Capellini.
  • Thai Chicken with Angel Hair
  • Hot & Sour Veggie Soup with Angel Hair
  • Chinese Grilled Pork Noodle Bowl with Capellini

You can buy online Angel Hair pasta from our website.

The great thing about our skinny noodles like Angel Hair and Capellini is that you can have seconds or even thirds because it has no calories or carbs. The miracle of these noodles is that the combination of the fiber and water in the noodles ‘tricks’ your belly into thinking you're full.

It’s just like you’re eating a regular bowl of Italian Angel Hair spaghetti, only you won’t be sick-to-your-stomach full; you’ll be blissfully content.

There’s no use in switching to a healthy skinny noodle pasta if you’re going to be tempted by snacks after a meal, because you’re still hungry. The great thing is, after you eat a bowl of our low-carb skinny noodle Angel Hair the soluble fiber and water slightly expand in your digestive tract, providing a pleasing feeling of satiety.

If you absolutely love skinny-style Italian pasta, but hate the carbs, you can have the best of both worlds. You can buy online our skinny Angel Hair pasta and create a meal like this in just minutes:

Angel Hair Pasta by Miracle Noodle

All you have to do is open the package of skinny Angel Hair, rinse the noodles in water, drain the water, then lightly boil for a few minutes. Add some healthy veggies like lightly-grilled broccoli, perhaps a lean protein, and your favorite sauce. That’s it. In just a handful of minutes you can have a balanced, nutritious, low carb meal that will leave you satisfied for hours.

If you love making meals with authentic, Italian skinny noodles you will love what you can do with our Angel Hair. And when you buy online Angel Hair Pasta, you’ll end up saving way more time and money than eating regular pasta at a restaurant. Not to mention you’ll be saving yourself all the guilt and empty calories! Speaking of empty calories, there are about 250 calories in the average serving of regular skinny, Italian-style noodles.

If you make the switch to this substitute for Italian skinny noodles and eat it once a day instead of regular skinny pasta, you can reduce your calorie intake by 7500 calories a month! All the while being completely satisfied like you’re eating at your favorite Italian restaurant or making your favorite Italian meal at home.

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