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Lose Weight With Portion Control

Lose Weight With Portion Control

The following is an extract from an article posted on CoachMag.co.uk

"Don’t ditch entire food groups, just eat the right amount of them"

While cutting out entire food groups has become a common approach to dieting, evidence indicates that having smaller portions is a smarter bet for long-term weight loss.

We all like different types of food and drink and telling someone to potentially restrict eating a food or food type they love is fundamentally unsustainable,” says Julian Gaine, creator of MealKitt, a portion control container that shows how much of each type of food you should eat.

Human beings need a balanced diet with a complex array of macro- and micronutrients. Eliminating foods can lead to a deficiency in important nutrients.

By including all the main food groups in your diet together with the foods you love in the correct portions, you still get all the necessary nutrients and it becomes a much more sustainable way to manage weight.

“Generally with my clients I have noticed that it [portion control] becomes easier after 14 days and then almost normal after 28 days,” says Gaine.

You can also help your body adjust by eating more of the foods that aren’t restricted by portion sizes. Admittedly you will need to like green veg for this to be of use.

There are also little tips and tricks to help curb hunger, such as ...

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