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Asian Stir Fry Vegan Noodle Bowl

Asian Stir Fry Vegan Noodle Bowl

Tofu, broccoli, green beans—oh my! This is an earthy flavor explosion waiting to happen. Prepare the ultimate packed lunch for work or school with Morrea's Asian Stir Fry Noodle Dish!

"I made this super randomly after a killer leg day a couple nights ago and I was craving protein! This turned out DELISH and I'm going to make it again tomorrow."

Amounts to preference unless otherwise indicated.

Bed of mixed greens
1 pack of Miracle Noodle Fettuccine
Baked teriyaki tofu (I found mine at Whole Foods) 
1/2 cup frozen edamame
1 cup broccoli
1 cup mushrooms
Coconut Aminos 


1. Prepare Miracle Noodle Fettuccine according to package. Set aside.

2. Chop tofu. Set aside.

3. Sauté edamame, broccoli, and mushrooms in coconut aminos and a squeeze of lemon. Fold in Miracle Noodle.

4. Plate on top of mixed greens and add tofu. Top with additional coconut aminos.

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