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Broccoli Teriyaki Coriander Fettuccine

Broccoli Teriyaki Coriander Fettuccine

 A couple of ingredients and a couple of minutes is all it takes for this easy dish! Check out what Katey Yurko made and had to say about her meal with our Miracle Noodle Fettuccine.

"As usual– my recipes are ALWAYS 5 ingredients or less! Including the star of the show- in this case, broccoli.

This is a teriyaki noodle broccoli bowl. It is SO FILLING and has less than 150 calories in it depending on how much sauce you use! The key is using MIRACLE NOODLES. They are basically shirataki “noodles” from the konjac plant and believe it or not- they are LESS THAN FIVE CALORIES. They are 93% water and 3% soluble vegetable fiber. A BONUS of this recipe is that we use CORIANDER spice; it is great for digestion, bones, and helps with UTI prevention!

Amounts to preference unless indicated

1 pack of Miracle Noodle Fettuccine
1 fresh bunch of broccoli with stems
Teriyaki sauce
Hemp seeds


1. Cut up and steam your broccoli. (I love including the stalks because there are TONS of nutrients in the stalks. However, I get that the stalks are not for everybody.)

2, Drain the broccoli and saturate it in Teriyaki sauce and coriander spice. CORIANDER IS SO GOOD FOR YOU. Really coat it!! Then set it aside.

3. Open your package of Miracle Noodle and strain the noodles for at least 30 seconds under cold water. (Some people also like to boil them in water for 2 minutes, but this is optional.) You will notice a slightly earthy smell at first- FRET NOT. This goes away when cooking! I promise!

4. “Fry” the noodles in a pan after draining for about 3 minutes with NO oil. After that coat them with more teriyaki sauce- I like a reduced sodium version, but you do you!

5. Put the noodles in a bowl and then the broccoli on top! Voila!

️OPTIONAL: Sprinkle some hemp seeds for extra protein and fiber!

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