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Cali-Philly Sushi Bowl

Cali-Philly Sushi Bowl

Jenny is on a roll with her sushi bowl, and Miracle Noodle Rice! With zero net-carbs, you can't go wrong with reaching for Miracle Rice for your favorite bowl meals!⁣⁣

Recipe by @Jenny Wathanaphone.


1/2 pack of Miracle Rice
1 Tbs of rice vinegar
1 Tbs of monk fruit sweetener
Avocados, sliced
Cucumbers, sliced
Cream cheese, cubed
Smoked salmon
Imitation crab meat
Shredded nori
Spicy mayo
Furikake seasoning
Sesame seeds⁣
Liquid aminos/soy sauce


1. Follow preparation instructions on the Miracle Rice packaging. make sure to not skip the step where you dry out Miracle Rice in a pan. Set aside 1/2 the amount for later, and the other half, place in a bowl⁣.

2. Add rice vinegar to Miracle Rice.

3. Add monk fruit sweetener to rice and mix.

4. Miracle Rice mix in a bowl with avocado, cucumbers, cream cheese, smoked salmon, and imitation crab meat, and some shredded nori⁣

5. Top with spicy mayo (I mixed 1tbsp @kewpieusa Japanese mayo + 1/2 tbsp of sriracha + 1 drop of sesame oil), furikake seasoning, and sesame seeds⁣

6. Top with liquid aminos or soy sauce⁣ and wasabi if you have it!

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