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Chocolatey Miracle Rice Pudding

Chocolatey Miracle Rice Pudding

Ambassador, Charlie knows how to make healthy look like it's cheating! Oh, but it's not!

Make this delicious take on chocolate pudding with a fiber packed punch and fun, filling texture from our Miracle Rice!

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"Chia pudding is so last season. Let's freshen things up with this Shirataki rice pudding! All the chocolaty goodness without the high calories or carbs. I'd say that's a beach body win."

Serving size: 1
Macros: 47 cal | 2 net carbs | .5 protein | 1.7 fat


½ package Miracle Noodle Rice
2 tbsp Dark Cocoa powder
2 packets sugar substitute 
2 Large diced strawberries 
¼ cup almond milk
Pinch cinnamon
Pinch Sea salt


1.) Drain, rinse, and dry half a package of Organic Miracle Noodle rice. Set aside.

2.) Once rice is cooled, place all ingredients into a small bowl or mason jar. Mix until well combined. 

3.)Refrigerate for 15 minutes or until thickened. Enjoy!


  • Direction #2 says once rice is cooled. This implies that we cook it, but it doesn’t say that in #1. Do we cook it?

    Debbie Dehart
  • To “dry” the rice, you place them in a pan with no liquid on low heat and stir till all the water is out. The rice will then be hot so that is why they say to cool rice.

  • The directions are incomplete. How can you cool something that you haven’t cooked.

  • All these pics look so yummy
    I need my own personal chef

  • Yes, the directions are incomplete. The noodles need to be rinsed, cooked, rinsed again, and then dried, as per the package directions. And then cooled. I would double the recipe to serve two people to avoid the mess of trying to split up a bag.


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