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Fighter Diet Pudding

Fighter Diet Pudding

Looking for a low-carb, guilt-free dessert? Try making this with our keto-friendly shirataki rice! This comes from the amazing and fit.

"I loved rice pudding as a kid! Every Christmas in Sweden we eat rice porridge prepared with heavy cream, cinnamon, and sugar. Or strawberry syrup! Here’s my much better Fighter Diet pudding."

Recipe by @paulinenordin of Fighterdiet.


1 bag Miracle Rice
2 scoops Fighter Diet whey
30 g blueberries


1. Prepare Miracle Rice according to package and set aside. Do not skip the dry roasting.

2. Combine with water, adding as needed.

3. Sprinkle with erythritol on top!

Check out more great recipes at www.fighterdiet.com.

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