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Fried Egg, Pork and Miracle Noodle Meal

Fried Egg, Pork and Miracle Noodle Meal
Miracle Noodle Ambassador, Soury is serving up an amazing meal with our low-carb, guilt-free noodles coupled with our sprays from Simply Beyond Foods! Here's how she did it! Visit Soury for excellent Keto recipes at @my_keto_journal on Instagram.


"Super quick, and so yummy!"

Serves 1


Leftover Asian pork riblets (seasoned with soy sauce, garlic powder, touch of stevia and pan fried). Alternatively, you can use another left-over protein source.
Fried Egg
One bag of Miracle Noodle "black" noodles
1/2 of a ramen seasoning packet

Sesame oil
A couple bursts of both the cilantro and garlic Simply Beyond herb sprays.


1.) In a pan, warm up your leftover riblets with choice of oil or water to steam. You could use another leftover meat of your choice.
2.) Prepare Miracle Noodle Black according to package instructions. Once the noodles have been dry roasted, add the ramen seasoning. Set Aside.
3.) While noodles soak in the flavor, fry an egg.
4.) Assemble your dish. Noodles, meat and then top with an egg.

5.) Drizzle Sesame Oil on top.
6.) Finish off with a couple of sprays of garlic or cilantro.

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