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Greek Yogurt Cake

Greek Yogurt Cake

How about a tasty low-carb treat to satisfy your sweet tooth! Check out what our Ambassador Elaine created using our keto-friendly Konjac Flour! Our flour creates a silky texture that is also a thickener and binding agent, to help keep your low-carb bakes intact and tasty!

"Treat time! Miracle Noodle Konjac Flour makes for a healthy and delicious dessert, or breakfast or in-between treat. Try a wonderful light and tasty cake."

Recipe by Elaine Reby AKA @ton_puceron Instagram.


One egg 
One cup of Greek yogurt 
Pinch of Pink Himalayan salt
1 tsp of Miracle Noodle Konjac Flour
Butter vanilla flavor 
Lemon flavor or zest


1. Preheat your oven at 325. Whisk together the egg and the yogurt.
2. Sweeten with the stevia according to your personal taste.

3. Sprinkle the Konjac flour over the mixture and mix well for a couple of minutes until you have a creamy thick consistency.

4. Add a pinch of salt (for revealing the flavor), and some butter vanilla aroma. Adding some lemon flavor will give your cake a little extra.

5. Bake for about 20-30 minutes and let cool down completely in the fridge until you serve it.

Note: This dessert pairs wonderfully with sugar-free chocolate sauce and berries.

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