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Keto Arroz con Leche

Keto Arroz con Leche

Want to satisfy the sweet tooth? Try this dessert, made with our Miracle Rice! It’s easy and soooo good!

"This rice goes great with tea as a “boba”, in pudding as tapioca, or desserts. I also love this rice as a noodle in my soups. It’s so versatile you can practically use it for anything." 

Recipe by Romina Rosa AKA @keto.mina.


1 pack of Miracle Rice
3-4 cups of almond milk
1-2 packs of Truvia
Cinnamon sticks
1 tsp of cinnamon powder


1. Boil almond milk.
2. Add a cinnamon stick.
3. Continuously keep stirring so the milk doesn’t burn.
4. Rinse your rice while the milk & cinnamon boil.
5. Add the rice.
6. Let it slowly boil for 5 mins while continuously stirring. Add truvia.
7. Pour into a mug and add a bit of cinnamon powder.

Note: For a thicker consistency you can add a splash of heavy cream or xantham gum, both work just as great. Sweeten to preference.

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