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Keto Fried Pasta

Keto Fried Pasta

Ambassador Robert Sikes is the amazing Keto Savage! He's mastered Miracle Noodle Ziti with a tasty fried version. It's a keto treat that's hard to beat! Here's the skinny on his high-fat, low-carb eat!

"I believe I've found my new favorite way to eat Miracle Noodle! These fried ziti noodles had the same texture/flavor as popcorn shrimp. They are super easy to make and super tasty! Also, they have a perfect 75% fat ratio so you don't have to worry about messing up your macros.

Check out Robert's video on how to make this dish at https://www.youtube.com/watch…

Get Miracle Noodle Ziti 


3 bags of ziti noodles (Miracle Noodles)
3 whole eggs
Enough coconut oil for deep frying
1 bag of pork rinds


1. Strain and rinse noodles.
2. Heat coconut oil for frying.
3. Whisk 3 eggs in a bowl.
4. Crush pork rinds into pan to be used as "breading".
5. Mix the noodles into the egg wash.
6. Coat the mixture with the pork rinds.
7. Deep fry until the noodles float.
8. Enjoy!

Check out more recipes from Robert at http://ketosavage.com/kitchen/

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