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Keto-Friendly California Roll

Keto-Friendly California Roll

Time for a take-out-fake-out using our keto-friendly Miracle Rice! Try making sushi at home, as Jennifer did!⁣

"Classic California Roll. I used Miracle Noodle Rice as a healthy alternative to white rice. From one sushi lover to another, you have to try this!"

Recipe by Jennifer Newman AKA @withdressingontheside.

Makes 1 Roll

⁣1 Bag of Miracle Rice
1/4-1/2 avocado⁣
1 Nori Wrap⁣
2 oz Wild Caught Crab (1/2 Packet of Wild Crab Trader Joe's)⁣
Organic Tamari (Soy Sauce but virtually gluten-free)⁣


1. Rinse and drain Miracle Rice. (You will not need to use the whole pack for one roll.) ⁣

2. Place nori on a cutting board.⁣

3. Layer rice, crab, and avocado across the wrap, leaving room on the end to fold.⁣

4. Fold the nori over the filling into a roll and cut pieces with a sharp knife. (If you have a bamboo wrap, all the better to you, otherwise just do your best!) ⁣

5. Serve with a side of Tamari Sauce.⁣

Tips from Miracle Noodle:
  • You can search YouTube for ways to roll sushi. ⁣
  • To make the rice more "sticky," you can try combining Miracle Rice with mashed avocado or cream cheese.

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