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Keto Mac and Cheese

Keto Mac and Cheese
Friends don't let friends eat boxed mac & cheese. Our friend Rachel can save you from the box life. ⁣

"Keto Mac & Cheese! It was so close to the boxes Mac & Cheese. I have a feeling this recipe will stick around for a while. Easy to make, too!"

Recipe by Rachel of @thecaffeinatedketo.


2 tbsp powdered cheese ⁣
2 tbsp heavy cream ⁣
2 tbsp Kerry Gold butter ⁣
A package of Miracle Noodles ⁣(Our ziti and our Angel Hair work well for this recipe)

👉 Click for our Angel Hair
👉 Click for our Ziti


1. Cook and wash the noodles as per Miracle Noodle packaging.

2. In a skillet, I combine noodles with other ingredients.

3. Stirred until it combined and at the desired consistency.

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