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Keto Ramen Noodles

Keto Ramen Noodles

Start your day right with a tasty meal that’s a take-out-fake-out and fits your low-carb protocol.

Recipe by @the_keto_sis 


3 oz grilled chicken
1 package Miracle Noodle Angel Hair 
1 cup spinach
1 tbsp soy sauce
1/2 tbsp tamari sauce
Garlic, to taste
Fresh ginger, grated
Lime juice
Red pepper flakes 


1. Prepare @miraclenoodle according to package.
2. On medium heat, combine Miracle Noodles, soy sauce, and tamari sauce.
3. Once noodles are coated, add chicken, garlic, and spinach.
4. Finish with freshly grated ginger, lime, and pepper.

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