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Miracle Cheesecake

Miracle Cheesecake
It's time for a low-carb - zero guilt - cheat meal lookin' cheesecake from Miracle Noodle Ambassador, Ton! You can find her on Instagram for delicious and healthy eats at @ton_puceron! Our Konjac Flour acts as a thickener, giving this treat the consistency it needs and silky texture. Extra bonus? FIBER! I know you can get behind that!

"My absolute new favorite !!! I’ll call it snowflake calin minimalist cooking with indulging results but healthy clean-food and soul-food better choices for a cheesecake dessert with greek yogurt! It's fluffy and light! The secret ingredient: konjac flour from Miracle Noodle! 

Ingredients à la minimalism for one ramequin :

80g Greek yogurt (0% works wonderfully!)
1-2 tablespoon sugar free syrup in vanilla
1 egg white
1/2 Tsp Miracle Noodle's Konjac Flour


Mix all together and back in the ramequin for 20 minutes at 280F. 
Voilà! Enjoy 

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