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Miracle Rice Warm Guacamole Bowl

Miracle Rice Warm Guacamole Bowl

Who loves guacamole? Who like spice? Who would love it low-carb? Who wouldn't want to sink a fork into Miracle Noodle Ambassador, Allison's dish! We challenged our group to use the amazing flavors of Simply Beyond Foods Cilantro Spray for a burst of flavor that infuses Miracle Noodles and Rice! 

"I made a guacamole rice bowl with warm avocado and blistered cherry tomatoes and fresh lime juice. No need for any chopping of the cilantro when you have that awesome spray! Love them. Don't let this fool you into thinking this is as simple tasting as it looks because it is full of flavor and really delicious."

Recipe by Allison Gismondi AKA

Serves 1

1 package Miracle Noodle Rice
1 small avocado 
A handful of Cherry tomatoes 
3-4 TBS of fresh lime juice 
Simply Beyond Cilantro Herb Spray (see note)
Salt and Pepper to taste


1. Rinse Miracle Rice for 1-2 minutes under running water.

2. Dump rice into a hot pot and simmer until all liquid is gone and rice starts to stick. As soon as the rice starts to stick give it a good spray and add one tablespoon of the lime juice and combine. 

3. Remove the rice from pot and set it aside. 

4. Place tomatoes into the pot and give them a quick spray. Don't move the pot for a couple of minutes. Shake the pan once and don't disturb the pan for about another minute.

5. Cover the pan and keep shaking the tomatoes so as not to let them burn. Keep moving them around until they burst open.

6. Remove cover and lightly salt them. Add chopped avocado along with rice and another couple of sprays of cilantro. (Or add in cilantro oil. See note.) Add one more tablespoon of lime juice. Heat until hot.

7. Add salt and pepper to taste and more lime and cilantro spray to taste while serving.

* If you do not have the cilantro spray, try making a cilantro infused oil. Click here for the article. 

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