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Miracle Salad

Miracle Salad
Sometimes you just want to eat something light and fresh, so why not make a noodle salad? Alexia made this with our keto-friendly Organic Spaghetti.

"I’ve been CRAVING fresh lean poultry salads. With avocados, and nuts, and coconut aminos, Miracle Noodle, mushrooms and lime lots of lime, etc.. Lately, I can’t have a salad without miracle noodles either. It’s seemingly the weirdest combo for a salad. But, it’s so good. So, we’re gonna name this latest yum the ‘Miracle Salad’.

I think I crave it cause the noodles always seem to help my digestion overall gut. I’ve pretty much had this salad (alternating protein + some of the add ons) for the past 2 weeks almost every night. It’s so easy to throw together, too. One of my fav things about this salad though is that I’m fully satisfied after. You can also sub a good fresh salsa for the dressing. Super yum, as well."

Recipe by Alexia Aleman AKA @accidentalparisiancook on Instagram.


1 cup wild arugula
1 cup spinach
4 ounces baked chicken breast
1 pack Organic Spaghetti from Miracle Noodle
1/2 sliced avocado
2 white mushrooms
Handful sliced almonds
Handful grated or sliced comte
1 tablespoon kimchi sriracha


1 lime, pressed
4 Tbsp organic extra virgin olive oil
3 tsp coconut aminos
1.5 Tbsp ground cumin
1 tsp black truffle sea salt

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