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Miracle Sushi

Miracle Sushi

Have you made with our rice yet? Check out how Mougeh made her rolls with our keto-friendly shirataki rice.

Shots from last night’s homemade sushi dinner! 
I made some of my favorite “Philly rolls” (made with cream cheese) and also some plain salmon rolls. Sushi night is so fun for the entire family, it’s an activity you can do together, requires zero cooking, and is healthy and delicious. It has definitely become a weekend tradition in our house. I buy all my fish from a nearby Japanese market. 

**You want to make sure it’s sashimi grade fish**

Recipe by Mougeh Tala-Ahmari  AKA @fitfoods on Instagram.



1 packet of Miracle Rice
My favorite fish (salmon, tuna, yellowtail)
Daikon sprouts (any kind of sprouts will work)
Japanese cucumber (regular cucumber works too)
Wasabi paste
Pickled ginger
Seaweed sheets
Sesame seeds
Soy sauce


1. Prepare Miracle Rice per package instructions
2. Slice all veggies 
3. Assemble rice, fish and veggies on a sheet of seaweed 
4. Roll, cut, and enjoy!

For tips on how to roll sushi, check out this article on wikiHow.

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