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Victoria E, Brooklyn, Michigan

Victoria E, Brooklyn, Michigan
  • Husband and Wife Both Lose 40 Pounds Together!
  • My weight loss journey began a year ago with the decision to go grain-free/sugar-free.In the nine months it took to lose 40 lbs., my resolve was most shaken when I craved pasta or breads.

    Discovering Miracle Noodles was one of those pivotal moments when I knew I could and would succeed in reaching my goal. I now enjoy wonderful pasta dishes with no guilt or negative consequences. As I reached the finish line and transitioned to maintenance, I even learned grain-free/sugar-free baking, making my victory complete.

    Coincidentally, during this time, my husband was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes which sealed the deal with this picky eater becoming a Miracle Noodle junkie, as well. He, too, has now lost 40 lbs. and has recently worn his wedding suit from 30 years ago!

    Thank you Miracle Noodle, for being there for us with products and recipes that keep us healthy and satisfied!*