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Craig R, New York, NY

  • Feels Better Competing in Marathons!
  • I'm 28, live in New York City and have been consuming copious amounts of Miracle Noodles ever since it was first recommended as a high-fiber healthy alternative to pasta.

    As part of a newfound healthy lifestyle I became the early-rising, gym-going, marathoner and triathlete I always aspired to be. Eating Miracle Noodle enables me to experience fullness without the unpleasant and unhealthy bloating and after-effects so many other foods provide.

    I will be a customer for life and am so glad I found a guilt-free way to a eat delicious, filling, and relatively low-cost food. Thanks to your awesome noodles I now enjoy all aspects of eating and am better able to compete in road races. While I'm smiling through the NYC Marathon and Triathlon it's partly due to feeling great because I ate great! Thank you Miracle Noodle!!*