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Cameron Horner, Yanceyville, North Carolina

Cameron Horner, Yanceyville, North Carolina
  • Paralyzed Athlete Puts on Unwanted Weight & Watches Family Enjoy Pasta Without Him. Miracle Noodles to the Rescue!
  • My story began about three years ago when in August of 2011 I had a diving accident which left me paralyzed from the chest down. I was 18 when this happened, and loved pasta based dishes! When I returned home after therapy, I continued with my regular diet only to realize that if I kept up the amount of carbohydrates and calories that I was use to, I was going to become over weight due to lack of movement; a dangerous thing when you are in a wheelchair. So I stopped all noodles!

    My family would enjoy the taste of my mother?'s famous spaghetti, while I ate a salad and enjoyed only the smell of one of my favorite dishes. This trend continued for over two and a half years until I ran across Miracle Noodles. I immediately began researching (something I do for all the food I eat). After a short time, I was sold, and ordered a variety of different Miracle Noodles to try them out.

    I started out by adding them to Asian dished and loved them from the very first use! But the real seller for me was the night my mother fixed her famous spaghetti. I started to build my regular salad and was preparing, as always, to set and watch everyone els e? enjoy my favorite dish without me. Then I remembered, "Wait! I have Miracle Noodles!" I asked my mother to throw a plate together for me using these different noodles, and when I sat down to eat with the rest of the family I got several surprised looks when I didn't have a salad as my main course. After the family prayed over the meal, I, a bit nervous about how it would taste, began to dig in.

    It was delicious! The noodles absorbed the flavor of the sauce better than any other noodle I had ever had! I was so excited to finally have found the key to enjoying my favorite dish again!

    I left the table stuffed! But wasn't worried a bit about gaining that dangerous weight!

    Thanks Miracle Noodle team!*