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Catherine J, Cairns, Australia

Catherine J, Cairns, Australia
  • Thanks to Miracle Noodles, Celiac Disease Isn’t a Life Sentence of No Pasta!
  • I discovered Miracle Noodles, after being diagnosed as having celiac disease, meaning I am highly gluten and wheat intolerant.

    Before being diagnosed, my favorite food was, without a doubt, pasta, especially spaghetti. I felt so deprived and it wasn't till a friend of mine who had recently gone on a Paleo eating plan told me about Miracle Noodles.

    I had tried other gluten free pastas and found them bland and tasteless. I was amazed how delicious Miracle Noodles were and how similar they were to the real thing.

    Not only that, after eating, I had no bloating or sore stomach like I used to after eating normal pasta. I now make spaghetti and stir-frys for my family with Miracle Noodles and I no longer feel deprived, and know that I am giving my family healthy yummy food!

    Thanks Miracle Noodle!*