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Jordan Or, Calgary, Alberta

Jordan Or, Calgary, Alberta

My name is Jordan Or, and I currently live in Calgary, Alberta. I'm currently a 22 year old university volleyball athlete and I've been experiencing the positives which come with using Miracle Noodles in my diet.

I've always been conscious of the external factors which surround a high performance athlete's lifestyle, along with spending multiple hours a day training.

For the past year, I've taken a deep interest in my nutritional habits, noticing that in the past, I've used too many processed carbohydrates in my meals (etc. white pasta, processed noodles).

I didn't realize that the usage of these processed food products would hinder my athletic development in regards to recovery, and energy levels.

I decided to change my diet, and instead use cleaner sources of carbohydrates in smaller and more controlled amounts (quinoa, sweet potato).

However, I found this change extremely tough since I'd experience strong cravings for pasta and noodles for soups and stirfrys. Luckily, I came across Miracle Noodle, and immediately ordered a shipment to try out, and was impressed very quickly.

I was able to use it in multiple ways and dishes, and did a great job of supplementing my diet. Since then, I've been using Miracle Noodles, and they've become a staple in my kitchen.

With my older diet, I weighed in at around 172-175 lbs. After the diet change, with Miracle Noodles as a supplement, I'm weighing in at 156-160 lbs.

I feel as though my story here, is a great example of how Miracle Noodles can be a small and big contributor in diets for even athletes! *