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Donna W, Thornhill, Canada

  • It is Never Too Late In Life!
  • As I approached my 69th birthday I realized that my once trim figure was no longer. I wasn’t obese but over the years I had slowly gained 40 pounds.

    My goal was not to return to my wedding day Twiggy figure but I really needed to reduce. My knees were sore and my doctor told me that every pound on your body is like 3 pounds on your knees. So I began eating differently. I chose a Low Carb diet and foundMiracle Noodles and Rice.

    I found a big pot of chicken Miracle Noodle soup and many chicken or beef dishes stewed with veggies over Miracle noodles or Rice were satisfying and delicious.

    Instead of using bread crumbs for stuffing my turkey I used Miracle Rice. I have reached my goal weight, losing 30 pounds in total.

    As I work at maintaining this new weight I know it will be possible by adapting my recipes to use Miracle noodles and rice and by keeping in touch with the Miracle Noodle blog for new ideas and recipes.

    You can see in my “before” picture that I was happy but heavy!

    You can see in my “after” picture that I am happy and slim enough to be photographed beside one of my three slim and beautiful daughter-in-laws. *